After returning from my ski season in France I had gained almost a stone from excessive amounts of beer, baguettes and cheese and was left feeling embarrassed about my body. I have always enjoyed playing sport and exercising but having not set foot in a gym for over 6 months I wasn’t sure where to start and I also wanted help setting realistic goals without starving myself!
2 months on and I cannot believe how much my body has changed; even though I haven’t lost a huge amount of weight my shape is completely different. I’m leaner, stronger and I’m becoming more comfortable with my body again.
I’d be lying if I said that it has been easy – it hasn’t, and I’m learning that slow and steady progress is a much healthier and more permanent option than following a fad diet to then end up back at square one and more unhappy than before.
I look forward to every training session with Sian – she makes them fun, challenging and specific to my needs. I may be shattered afterwards (which shows it’s working) but I leave feeling motivated, more confident in my ability and with a smile on my face. I’m always learning new exercises or how to improve my technique, and if I have any questions afterwards she always takes the time to answer them and check in with how I’m doing.
After a late evening session she stayed an extra 20 minutes to tweak a few things I wasn’t confident with – she really does care about her clients and will endeavour to make sure they are always happy. She’s also tailoring my fitness programme for a week when I’m away working in France and out of the gym (but will be avoiding all the cheese and beer this time!)
Sian has taught me so much in such a short space of time, other than helping me to improve my strength and fitness, she has always been there to support me with all the mental challenges too (especially involving the weighing scales).
I’m now ready for the next month of making my training programme more challenging and mixing up my diet plan ahead of my holiday to Marbella in August. I am determined to feel confident in my bikini this summer!
If you’re wanting an extra boost in the gym, whether it’s for a holiday, a special event or you’re wanting to adopt a healthier and more active lifestyle, get in touch with Sian. She’s a fantastic personal trainer, she loves her job and other than helping me on my own fitness journey, I can safely say I’ve gained a wonderful friend!” Lucy, 22, P.T. Client
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Lucy’s transformation after 6 weeks!

” I have trained with personal trainers all my life and Sian is the best PT I have ever trained with by far! She always makes me feel comfortable and answers any questions at any time. She has already transformed my body in just five weeks and I will always continue to train with her. Highly recommended!” Laura, 21, P.T client

“I have been training with Sian for a good 5 months now and can honestly say that I love it! On day one, we sat and talked about what I wanted to achieve and I told her I wanted to lose weight and then build up my strength. Three months, a tailored food and workout plan later I was a stone lighter and could see muscle definition coming through on my arms and my quads for the first time ever! She is always there to motivate me and push me, upping my weight and showing me I am capable of more than what I think. I have also recently been having some problems with my foot which prevented me from doing a lot of exercises in my plan, yet it was no trouble at all for Sian to create a brand new plan working around these problems. If you want a personal trainer who is dedicated to your goals just as much as you whilst ensuring your sessions are fun and varied then I would definitely recommend Sian!” Hayley, 23, P.T client.

“ I have been a gym member for many years but never really seem to get anywhere. I spoke to Sian who advised me that my diet was not right and could be a huge factor in why my body wasn’t changing. Sian created a tailored diet plan for me, which was easy to stick to. After 5 weeks I had lost 12 pounds, I couldn’t believe it! Sian is very knowledgeable when it comes to nutrition and I am so pleased with my results I have asked Sian to create a new exercise programme for me. I would happily recommend Sian to anyone, thank you so much for all your help!” Jane, 56, online client.

“I started training with Sian just to lose some fat and get motivated to go to the gym, but with her I’ve achieved far more than this. With her help I’ve been able to build up my strength and confidence so much that I can perform exercises that I would’ve never dreamt of doing before. She puts hard work in every session and she’s very professional, committed and spirited. Highest recommendation!” Wasif, 19, P.T. client.