Beach bodies revealed

I arrived for an appointment yesterday and was lead to the waiting room. As I sat down the lady who had shown me in said ‘there are some magazines to read whilst you wait.’ You know the type, the celebrity gossip magazines that usually have headlines such as ‘(insert celeb name here)’s love dilemma’, ‘BAFTA’s best dressed’ and ‘beach bodies revealed’. Basically the kind of stuff I have no interest in reading at all, I don’t really give a shit about what ‘celebrities’ are doing.

But I couldn’t help but be drawn towards the cover of one. It had celebrity women in bikinis plastered all over the front page and it got me thinking. Who the f**k do the media think they are!? These celebrities are humans. They have feelings and they have the same insecurities we do. Imagine being on holiday and getting home to see your arse spread over two pages in a magazine.

Women, in general, hate their bodies. Even if you like your body, there is probably at least one or two things you don’t like. The fact is , women hate their bodies because of the Patriarchy and the media. We’re constantly bombarded with media telling us we should be thinner. We should have bigger butts/boobs. We should have smooooooth skin, and if you happen to fall in to the small percentage (90% lol) of women who have cellulite we will god damn airbrush those dimples out to make you smooth.

Imagine if we all started loving our bodies. Imagine how many industries would go out of business. Imagine how powerful we would be if we stopped tearing each other down for the way we looked. Imagine if we were no longer judged on our appearance. We would be confident,powerful. The patriarchy would shit themselves because really, getting women to hate their bodies is a way to oppress us. Who said man could pick the ideals of beauty for the past 5000 years?

Love those butt dimples. Love those wobbly bits in between your thighs, love your saggy tits, flabby arms and belly. The most beautiful part of a woman is her feminine energy. The feminine energy that make us wise, compassionate, intuitive, healing, whole, sexual, passionate, empathetic and understanding. Let’s not let our energy be oppressed by allowing ourselves to be judged on the way we look.

And throw them god damn magazines in the bin.


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