Why you shouldn’t compare yourself to others on Instagram

Social media has literally taken over people’s lives. Especially Instagram, pretty much everyone is on it, and whilst in some ways I think it’s helped more people to get in to fitness, I also think it can be very, very unhelpful for self esteem. There’s thousands, probably millions of ‘fitness models’. You know the ones I’m talking about, perfect small tiny waists, big peachy bums and thousands of followers. And you probably look and think ‘ I wish my waist was like that’ or ‘ I wish my legs were that toned’. Or ‘they go on the gym ‘everyday’ and eat super healthy all the time’. Whilst it’s great to admire someone else’s body it’s not so great to compare your own.

Firstly, a lot of these models ( now I’m not saying all but A LOT) pose to make their figure look better. And whilst there is nothing wrong with getting a good angle, they realistically don’t look like that. Take the famous hip pop pose, I think that’s what it’s called anyway, the kind of side on pose were said person is pushing their hip out so far it must hurt, in order to make their bum look bigger than it actually is. And you probably look and think ‘I wish my bum was like that’. Well don’t… because they don’t look like that in real life.

Also, I’m pretty sure photoshop and other similar apps are used a lot to make people look better. If their waist is super small in comparison to their hips, it’s probably photoshopped. If their skin is perfectly smooth all the time, it’s probably photoshopped. Basically what I’m trying to say is, not everything you see on instagram is real. People fake things.

For some reason, a lot of society have become obsessed with likes and follow from people they don’t even know. People are so hungry for social media validation. I know of people who will actually delete posts if they don’t get enough likes. That is so f**king messed up. Why does the validation of complete strangers matter so much? I know people who have a large amount of followers and will actually post, either on their story or as a photo, a screenshot of somebody saying something mean to them. Now, whilst I don’t agree with trolling (that’s equally just as messed up, being hurtful to somebody you don’t know for no reason, hello get a grip) I find it hard to understand why the opinion of somebody you don’t know matters so much that you need to share it with the thousands of followers you also don’t know.

Everyone has insecurities and that’s fine, but if you want to be truly happy you have to find ways to work on those insecurities yourself. No amount of followers or likes are going to make you feel less insecure. In fact, it’s probably going to make you worse.

Remember that you are you. You are not in competition with anyone else. Your only competition should be ‘past’ you. I hate the thought of anyone feeling bad about themselves because they are comparing themselves to something that has probably been ‘improved’ in some form for appearances. Remember that Instagram is a highlight reel. Everyone posts things that make them look super perfect or super happy and leave out all the shitty bits. But that doesn’t mean that everyone else’s life is perfect. It’s all a perfectly created illusion.

So the next time you start to compare yourself, stop and take a second to consider everything I’ve mentioned here.

You are perfect the way you are.

Sian x

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