How to stop feeling self conscious at the gym


It’s easy to feel self conscious in the gym. All the weird looking machines, all the big muscly men making weird noises and lets not forgot the gorgeous slim girls in their crop tops who don’t break a sweat and still look perfect, whilst you’re in the corner red faced, panting with mascara running down your face. There’s no way you can try that new exercise you’ve seen online without looking like a complete idiot whilst everyone is watching, right?

Wrong. All this worry is completely made up. Yep that’s right, it’s all in your head. Everyone in the gym is exactly like you, they just wanna get in, workout and get out. Plus if you have a goal you’re working towards, whether that’s weight loss or muscle gain, how is feeling self conscious helping you towards your goal? It’s not, in fact it’s probably very detrimental to it. Below are some tips to help you get over your self consciousness.

You’ll only get more confident by going

It’s a vicious cycle. You don’t go because you feel self conscious, then you’ll be mad because you didn’t go which will lead to lower self esteem, then you’ll feel even more self conscious so you won’t go the next day. Now, I know it will seem scary but you just have to muster up the courage and go. Once you’ve done it once you’ll feel more confident and go the next time, then you’ll have been twice and you’ll feel even more confident. Remember you’re going to the gym to better yourself, so even if you feel out of place you’re in the right place! The only way to break this cycle is to just do it, it won’t be as bad as you’ve made it seem in your head I promise.

Focus on you and what you’re doing, not everyone else

You’re there to work on your body right? So focus on that, focus on feeling all your muscles working, focus on your breathing. Stand in a mirror and watch yourself, check your form. Don’t focus on the guys in the free weights because your mind will start racing ‘Is he watching me?… Can he see the sweat mark under my boobs?… ugh I bet I look disgusting…am I doing this right? Oh god I’m doing it wrong I bet I look stupid’ etc. These thought are gonna put you off, so just don’t even look at others. If you need to, go find a quiet corner or see if you can use the Studio. FOCUS ON YOU.

No one is looking at you I promise

Have you ever stared really hard at someone whilst they were working out? No obv, you don’t want someone to catch you doing that. Well everyone else is the same, they’re gonna feel pretty stupid if you catch them staring at you. I promise, 99% of the time people aren’t staring at you, it’s just another silly thought you need to crush! Also, a lot of the guys in the gym are pretty vain (no offence guys) so they’ll probably be too busy flexing their arms and checking themselves out to check you out.

Remember everyone started somewhere

No one was born in the gym. Even the most advanced lifter, or the girl who’s really really good in step class started somewhere. They probably felt the way you do now. People like this aren’t going to judge you, in fact they’ll probably be thinking ‘good for you’ for starting your fitness journey.

Get a plan

Being prepared will help you to feel more confident. You’ll feel more embarrassed wondering around aimlessly. Speak to a trainer ( I know a good one if you need one… cough cough) about getting a training programme. You’ll know exactly what you’re doing each time you go and you’ll reach your goals quicker with professional help.

I hope this will help you if you feel self conscious. Please get in touch if you have any questions or want more tips

Sian. X

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